Le Floral Hotel Puts Forward A Positive Recyling Policy

Le Floral Hotel is proud to report that we have received the certification for stage 2 of the ICI on recycle! program. Recyc-Québec acknowledges the efforts put forward by Le Floral Hotel to raise the importance of sound waste management. This certificate of recognition proudly displayed at the hotel is proof of that.

Le Floral Hotel is certified Stage 2 for Recyc-Québec's Ici On Recycle program

Implementating the 3 RV

Here’s a quote from a letter sent to Le Floral Hotel from Recyc-Québec: « Implementating various measures to reduce, reuse and recycle displays the establishment’s dedication to raise awareness on the importance of sound waste management and for that we congratulate you. »

This stage 2 recognition will be effective for two years and Le Floral Hotel is dedicated to put the necessary efforts to renew its certificate every time.

Recyc-Québec’s program

The Ici on Recycle! recognition program was created by industries, stores and institutions. It’s main objective is to recognize businesses who adopt sound waste management solutions such as recycling and reducing use of residual materials.

Come and enjoy a peaceful stay at Le Floral Hotel.