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Le Floral Hotel and CAA Quebec: Sherbrooke’s Winning Combination

Le Floral Hotel is a CAA-AAA recommended lodging establishment

Always wanting to offer the best prices (and the best service!), Le Floral Hotel offers a 10% discount to anyone who shows their CAA membership card (or AAA membership card for American travelers) – depending on availabilities. Price wise, without a shadow of a doubt, Le Floral Hotel offers the best value in Sherbrooke. Additionally, Le Floral meets the CAA’s five essential criteria:

  • Location (located in the East part of town in Sherbrooke, two minutes away from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke – CHUS);
  • Newly built/renovated;
  • High degree of cleanliness conditions;
  • Appropriately maintained conditions;
  • Competitive prices (willingness to provide a discount or best rate available).

List of CAA criteria met by Le Floral Hotel

Management Style of Operation

1. The establishment must be a primarily transient operation. 2. The establishment must be in compliance with all local, state, and federal codes. 3. Guests must have easy 24-hour access to incoming and outgoing phone service, ensuring prompt guest unit message delivery. Emergency messages must be delivered to the guest immediately upon receipt. 4. The establishment must assist AAA in the resolution of all member complaints. 5. The establishment must accommodate unannounced AAA property evaluations within a reasonable period of time. 6. The establishment must provide AAA rates and discounts upon request and must honor AAA published rates and discounts as last contracted. 7. Property management, or their representative, must be readily accessible at all times for guest needs or requests. 8. All property staff must conduct business in a professional and ethical manner providing attentive, conscientious service to guests.

Exterior and Public Areas

9. All property signage must be legible and visible as appropriate. 10. All facilities directly associated with a property must meet all appropriate AAA Diamond Rating Requirements. 11. Adequate illumination is required in all public areas. This includes sufficient lighting in all corridors, stairways, landings, and parking areas.

Guest Unit Security

12. Each guest unit door must be equipped with both a primary lock and a secondary deadbolt lock. 13. Each door to connecting guest units or maintenance corridors must be equipped with a deadbolt lock. 14. Each guestroom entry door must have a viewport or window convenient to the door. 15. Windows — Each window overlooking a common walkway or in a ground floor unit must be equipped with a functional lock.

Fire Protection

18. An operational, single station smoke detector is required in each guest unit. Hard-wired smoke detectors are preferred. When battery-operated detectors are used, there must be an adequate maintenance program to routinely test and replace batteries. Properties must meet all federal, state, and local fire codes.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

19. All facilities directly associated with a property must be clean and wellmaintained throughout. 20. At a minimum, each guest unit must be thoroughly cleaned with complete bed and bath linens changed between guest stays. Fresh linens, maid services, and bathroom supplies must be available upon request.

Room Décor and Ambiance

21. Each guest unit must have adequate shades, drapes, or blinds to cover all windows or other glass areas to provide the guest with privacy. 22. The level of soundproofing must be adequate to muffle outside noises and normal sounds in adjacent units and public areas.


23. Each guest unit must contain a comfortable bed with one mattress pad, two sheets, a blanket, a suitable bedspread, pillows, and pillowcases. 24. Each guest unit must have a nightstand or equivalent by each bed, a functional chair, clothes-hanging facilities, hangers and drawer space for two guests, and a wastepaper basket.


25. Each guest unit must have an active light switch at the main entry. In addition, each guest unit must have good illumination at a writing surface, a sitting area, and at each bed. Illumination is a very important guest need. Overall unit brightness is considered. Dark shades or dark walls may impact unit brightness.


26. Each guest unit must have its own private bathroom. All bathroom floor surfaces must be easily cleaned. Carpeting is not acceptable in the commode area.


27. All bathrooms must contain a commode, a sink with a well-lighted mirror and convenient electrical outlet, adequate shelf space, and a tub or a shower with a non-slip surface.


28. Each bathroom must be equipped with toilet tissue, a cloth bath mat, and two soaps. Each guest must be provided a large bath towel, hand towel, face cloth, and a drinking tumbler.


Curb Appeal

The combination of all exterior elements provides a modestly enhanced, good curb appeal Good variety of landscaping Good building structure and design


Paved/marked parking areas; lighting is from several sources providing good illumination; drive-through covered entry

Public Areas

Furnishings and Decor

Good, comfortable décor with evidence of increased coordination of furniture, fixtures, and equipment that reflect current industry trends; some silk or live plants

Floor Coverings

Good quality floor coverings coordinated with the overall décor


Enhanced lighting fixtures are appropriately positioned to provide good overall illumination


Walls are plasterboard or have vinyl coverings; ceilings are suspended or painted plasterboard; climate controlled


Professionally manufactured directional signs in many locations throughout the property

Lobby/Registration Area

Good-size registration area with a seating arrangement featuring a sofa and armchairs accommodating one small group


Telephones on site in convenient locations Elevator is available for guests’ use in multistory buildings Vending and sealed ice machines Coin-operated laundry facilities

Breakfast Area

If an on-premise restaurant is not available, a full American breakfast is served in a good-size area in, or adjacent to, the lobby; limited seating is available

Restaurant and Dining Facilities (The number and type of food and beverage outlets should be in harmony with the theme of the property. Multiple outlets are expected at resorts)

In lieu of breakfast area: One full-service outlet or food court

Recreational Facilities

Swimming pool by the hotel with good quality pool furniture, availability is limited Limited variety of exercise equipment on site

Additional Recreational Facilities, e.g., playground, lawn games, tennis, golf, horseback riding, etc.

Limited, basic recreational facilities

Meeting Rooms

One small meeting room with good, comfortable décor elements; basic audiovisual equipment available


One unisex

Sundries and Other Shops

Sundries available at the front desk


Furnishings and Décor

Good, comfortable décor with evidence of increased coordination of furniture, fixtures, and equipment that reflect current industry trends

Free Floor Space

Good-size rooms with limited seating area

Wall converings

Walls are plasterboard or vinyl coverings; rubber or vinyl baseboard floor coving

Wall Hangins

Good quality framed artwork

Floor coverings

Good quality floor coverings coordinated with the overall décor

Window Coverings

Good quality; semi- or full blackout drapes


Good quality and comfort Good quality bed linens, including semiquilted, cotton/poly bedspreads

Clothes hanging spoace

Semi-enclosed clothes hanging area with detachable wood, plastic, or heavy metal hangers

Clothes Storage Space

Enclosed clothes storage space


Good overall illumination provided by three well-positioned sources


Good quality particleboard construction with laminate finish


One additional comfortable chair; vinyl or fabric upholstery

Writing Surface

Desk or good-size task table

Television Placement

Pedestal or stationary television


Conveniently located through wall units

Guestroom Amenities

Television remote control Channel directory Data ports available Message light Plastic ice bucket Clock Notepads and pencils



Good décor with evidence of increased coordination of fixtures that reflect current industry trends

Free Floor Space

Good-size bathrooms; exterior vanity areas are positioned in plain view of the guestroom

Wall and Floor Coverings

Good quality wall and floor covering, including painted or vinyl walls with vinyl, ceramic, or mosaic floor tiling


Good quality ceramic tile, fiberglass, or acrylic shower walls; Good quality fixtures Good-size laminate or cultured marble skirted vanity; Good-size mirror; Fixtures reflect current industry trends


Good quality towels on bars Two medium-size bars of soap, or equivalent; one packet item; simple presentation Facial tissues in chrome, wall-mounted covers Hair dryers and extra amenities available at the front desk

This is what makes Le Floral Hotel stand out from the competition. And you, when will come see us?