Le Floral Taking A Non Smoking Approach

Dear customers,

Please note that as of now, it is strictly forbidden to smoke on the outdoor terrace near the hotel’s pool thanks to a new anti-tobacco regulation that was put into effect by the government. Le Floral is moving forward towards a smoke-free environment.

No smoking allowed on balconies

As of November 26th, it will be prohibited to smoke on every rooms’ balcony, which was allowed up to that date. According to a new Tobacco Control Act, smokers need to keep an 9-metre radius from every door and window that can be opened. Failure to comply to this law will result in fines for offenders.

Le Floral Taking A Non Smoking Approach

Smokers won’t be forgotten

Although we are proud to take one more step towards a smoke-free environment, we will always accommodate our smoking clientele. While checking in, they will be able to ask at the reception the designated zone for smokers.

We sincerely hope that this small change won’t affect your stay at Le Floral. We will always be there for you.